Ronald Damwijk

So many people so many stories. Some of the most intriguing stories are to be found in the most ordinary situations. The people, their faces their stories, that is what excites me. A documentary style enables me to visualize part of these stories. The emotional expression is what fascinates me in portrait photography. A single glance can tell a lot.


My name is Ronald Damwijk and I am a freelance photographer with a passion for portraits and documentary photography. In July of 2012 I graduated from the School for Photohgraphy in Amsterdam. I have exhibited at Noorderlicht Groningen in 2011 and at the Photo Festival Naarden in 2013. Some of my work has been published in the online Magazine Excerpt.

One of my portraits series, 'The Grey White' has been awarded with a honorable mention on several international photo contests.


Besides making autonomous photography I also do commissioned work for example, districts and welfare organizations.


This past year I have given workshops in photography at an elementary school where I investigated with the pupils what the effect of composition and different backgrounds have on making a selfie.

Cell:   +31 6 13366114



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