Tattooed Portraits

The Grey White






Ronald Damwijk

The Grey White

NL  |  ENG



The series The Grey White would initially be about people with white hair. But during the making of the portraits, I found out that the series is mostly about getting older and dealing with the physical springs overtures of your body. At the sight of their own portrait  most people responded that it was a confrontation with how they looked now and that therefore the image is how others saw them.

People became more aware of wrinkles and furrows in the face and the changing color of their hair. Weather the color of your hair is gray or white, it is clearly a sign of old age though some of my models at an early age had gotten white hair.

The people who posed for this serie I get from the street. I always have to try to convince people to participate in this project. The hardest thing is that I want to photograph the people in their own home. For them it is a safe environment and it forces me to work in different spaces and light conditions and yet I have to try to make photographs that have common elements. One of them is that I shoot with daylight. Because I'm indoors I have to work with a tripod which has a relaxing effect on  my working process. I take time to ease my models, to get a good angle and finally to take the shot. Because I can work slowly my models sometimes  forget my presence which gives me the chance to photograph them as they are.